Set up of new homes

Hi all, this may be a weird question, if you had the space and were setting up 7-9 new homes in a row off of a street would you squeeze as many in as you could per codes or try and angle them to provide better yards / access, or is there actually a benefit to have the homes angled?

The water, electric and gas are at either end of the lots so they would not be under the homes in any direction. There are some old concrete pads that may not be oriented correctly but in such bad shape would probably poured over or removed anyway.

Very interested and appreciative of any comments or advice!

thank you

You see the angle orientation in RV parks more so that people can pull in and out easier. For mobile homes it doesn’t matter as much (in general) because the little tractor movers (called a Remote Trax) can squeeze these homes into really tight spaces even with small sweeps.

However I have seen some older parks with super tiny setbacks (grandfathered) and crammed spacing that you would literally have to move two homes to pull one out because the lot lines and fences are in the way. Sometimes you can pull the fence down to make room, sometimes you can’t.

People always prefer more space between homes - if you are the only park that is stacking them it might not be an attractive feature. See what your competition is doing too. Good luck!