Septic: Types and Pitfalls

I just spent the last couple of hours reading everything I could find on the forum regarding septic tanks/sytems. Apparently, there are a number of different types. Is there one type that is preferable to others from a cost and/or risk mitigation standpoint? I am looking at a 50 /- lot park which has all the makings of a killer deal except it is on septic and connecting to sewer is not an option. Having read about the pitfalls and horror stories associated with septic, I am wondering if it is possible to eliminate or at least mitigate the downside during due diligence or should I just walk away?

Thanks, Gil Farnsworth

One of our parks is septic. Septic is not a deal-killer. Even Frank owns a few parks with septic…(!) But rather than focus on the kind of septic, instead focus on it’s condition and capacity.

I hired a septic expert (not an ordinary plumber) to inspect my property as part of my due diligence. His services cost $800, confirmed that the septic was working properly, but discovered a small deficiency. I used his written report to negotiate a $10,000 price reduction to compensate for the deficiency.

You might ask your seller if/what documentation he has on the condition and capacity of his septic. Negotiate if you can. Otherwise, I’d suggest getting under contract the property and having the septic study done first thing.

To your continued success,