Septic to City Sewer

Looking at a park that listing says park is on septic tank. Is it typical for every lot to have its own septic tank or does the park have one large septic tank?Haven’t heard back from the broker yet.Also, does anyone have a rule of thumb for the cost to convert from septic to city sewer if it is available?Thanks,Tim

I called the local waste water dept for the same thing today. You can start with them. Unfortunately in my case the line is 500ft away and I would still have to have a pump station on one im looking at.

Thanks Louvie

IF the  septic system was done correctly?? your operating cost will be less than on city sewer.       If the park is in operation find out who pumps their tanks and  their plumbing contractor what has happened in the past 5 years.     On our system with over 130 homes our  only cost was $120 last year where we found some personal wipes.    Personal wipes are a problem with city sewers especially lift stations.    If they were done CORRECTLY I have see then trouble free over 40 years.

I agree with Carl mostly. The one big thing to watch for is a leach field that is failing. That can be a real problem. One side note- I looked at a park in South Texas a few years back and from the overhead I knew it was city water and sewer. The park was like 10 or 11 homes per acre so pretty tight. While taking to the owner I asked about the water / sewer bills- they said there were none. So I asked where the leach field was- I figured it must be a field adjoining the park and I missed it… nope. The homes were set right on top of the leach fields. Needless to say- I passed… 

I have seen parks that have 2-3 homes on same septic.  It ends up a problem at some point.  I require 1 home/1 tank.