Septic Tank & Phase I

On Frank’s interview with Kristen & Greg last night, Greg mentioned that one of their parks they bought used to have septic tanks and they did not do Phase I, and now it costs about $30K to fill them up. My questions is: If they did Phase I and everything passed, is there anything they still need to worry about? I am assuming that fill them up is for the safety reason only. Thanks.

Hi ShanTX,

This is my understanding of why Phase 1 is so important.

The Phase 1 would have easily caught this. If the Phase 1 did not catch it for any reason, then the Phase 1 engineer insurance will pay for this clean up.

You should always do a Phase I, but in this case they got lucky and the only issue appears to be the septic tanks. But it’s not an environmental issue. The tanks have to be removed for safety reasons, not environmental reasons. Human waste is not a carcinogen, but it is a health issue. However, the tank is buried, so the only issue is the possibility that the tank would collapse and create a sinkhole or that someone might fall in.

The Phase I would have notified the buyer that the tanks were there, and that would allow the buyer to renegotiate the price, or budget that expense.

We had a phase 1 completed on one of our parks being sold and there was less than a 5 minute conversation on such. There concern was fuel tanks, spills, and dumps. We were dumbfounded by the lack of any concern about septic. tanks. They are a LARGE company operating through out the USA. As a seller we were elated but would not use them as buyers.

Actually in many states the tanks just had to be pumped dry and back filled with sand or other fill. There’s no real need for removal.

@ShanTX , as per your question:

  • “I am assuming that fill them (septic tanks) up is for the safety reason only.”

This is Kristin (of the Kristin & Gregg).

Yes, you are correct that filling them up is for the safety reason only.

Yes, Frank is correct that we should have done a Phase I.

To take care of the old Septic Tanks we have paid to have the following completed:

  • Septic System Company comes out and pumps out the Septic Tank
  • The lid is then crushed and placed in the dry Septic Tank
  • Fill is then placed in the dry Septic Tank

Approximately, a year ago our Electric and Gas Company took a little drive on one of our lots.

As a result of their drive their truck crushed one of our Septic Lids.

The Electric and Gas Company won the prize of their truck being stuck in one of our Tanks.

We won the prize of getting one of our Septic Tanks decommissioned for free courtesy of our Electric and Gas Company.

We wish you the very best!

That’s exactly what I’ve had to do in the past. Just have the lid broken and pushed into the tank after pumping it dry, fill it with sand or pea gravel. Cover with top soil then sod.