Septic and sewer lines

So two pronged question. In a mobile home park that has city water sewer who is responsible for the lines that go to each pad? In a house the home owner is responsible for anything on their own property so in a MHP is the home owner or the park owner for the lines in and thru the park?

Question 2 for a park with septic who is responsible for tank maintenance? Home owner or park owner? Part B of this question is if the home owner is responsible for tank maintenance how can I make sure they maintain it? If it spills into my park it will be my problem right?

@Dommo1120 Great questions. To you 2nd. question, for the septic the Park Owner is responsible for everything.

Hey Pat so how much does regular maintenance cost on septic tanks for a park? Is it a per tank fee? How often are they cleaned out or maintenanced? Should a seller have records of this and if not regular due diligence I’d assume would be having an expert check all of them right?

Q1. Usually the park owner is responsible for the lines from the main meter to the home if you are master metered or sub metered. If the city is billing each individual tenant then usually they are responsible for the lines but not always. You should contact the city/county to make sure you have the correct answer.

Q2. Septic system the park owner is responsible for all maintenance. When I take a look at parks with septics we put it in the contract that the seller has to pay and provide us with a certification and inspection of the entire septic. A licensed septic contractor will do the inspection which requires pumping out the system and checking drain field. Septic tanks can last for years but many times its the drain field that is a problem. Depending on the size of the field that can set you back a few thousand dollars. For the most part a good operating septic system is easy to maintain. I have one park with septic system and I have a service that comes out monthly and throws bacteria in the tanks and everything works fine. We have an extra charge of $12/home to maintain the septic and it has worked well.

Awesome thanks a lot for the detailed answer