Senior Park Rental

My wife and I looked at a mobile home in a senior park today. Has anyone rented a mobile home in a senior park? Were you successful? Any problems?


We have had several homes in senior parks. In fact, we still have one, which is in a land-owned gated community, normally sought-after. This past season, however, has been abnormal for this community.

It takes a long time to sell a property in senior communities, unless you are extremely lucky (especially this time of year). We decided a few years ago, except for the land-owned community, not to do any more business in them. The lot rent is normally quite a bit higher than the family parks, they require more (i.e. the lawn being mowed weekly, proof of pest control for those pesky fire ants, etc.) They usually also require car ports, sheds, etc.

We have been unable to sell the property in the park we currently hold home AND property in, but the Realtor we are working with has found a renter. This is fine with us. We were unable to put any insurance on the home because there was no one in it. Hurricane season is approaching and we sure want insurance! (A Realtor is a necessity in this community because you have no drive-bys - gated with security guards. You can only get in with a sticker or if a resident calls the gate to let you in.)

I hope this helped. The Alabama market may be a bit different than east coast Florida, but I wouldn’t think it would be completely different.