Selling on a note: help with details and purchase contract

I’m about to sell my first home in my park on a note. I need help on the details and purchase contract.

  • If the buyer defaults, they may expect a credit for principal paid to date. How do you handle that?

  • Do you put something in so it is clear they are responsible for all maintenance

  • Do you state they are required to keep the home in good condition?

  • Insurance paid by note holder and added to payment? Insured in whose name?

  • Property taxes? Taxes are paid to the town in Maine

  • Note and lot rent in one payment or separate?

  • Is there anything else that I should be sure to include?

  • Do you put all of the above in the promissory note or use a separate document i.e. purchase contract?

  • Do you file a lien on the home? Can you do that yourself?

Does anyone have a note purchase contract they would be willing to share?

This is my first one so I want to get it right.