Selling older Manuf. Homes to move out of park

Hello, [preface, I am exploring the idea of selling my MHP for the land to be used by a developer which means I’d need to sell or remove the homes. Location N. GA]
In your experience, is there a market for selling old (1979-1985) manufactured homes?
Most of my homes have problems with the belly area – there is insulation hanging down in parts and vapor barrier ripped. If I were to try to sell the home I am wondering:
• How would a transportation company check a MH to see if it can be moved? Do they have to open the vapor barrier to inspect the joists and bands? If so then I should not seal up the underneath until they have made their inspection to see if it can be transported?

• Most of them I have added a new metal roof that hangs over the sides 12” – would that be any problem moving? (home is 14’ wide not counting the roof overhang – I’m just wondering about rules of size to bring on the road)

• If someone were to buy an old home how do they value it? Is it strictly by year or do new roof, windows, cabinets, flooring, etc. all count in the valuation? Do you have a recommendation from your experience for the range someone might pay for a “fixed up old home”? I am sure we’ve put in way more trying to rehab these homes than someone will pay for them but I’m trying to get an idea if there is even a market and if so what might we be looking at as a sale price.

• If the house can be travel-worthy: but if no one wants to buy the old home then I don’t want to waste money in insulation, labor, vapor barrier just to find out I’d have to trash the house if no buyer. Is it normal to “show” the house with the underneath in bad condition and say it will be fixed if there is interest? Or will that be a total negative to leave the underneath in its current condition?

• Any insight into the best way to market the home is appreciated. Realtor? (what is the normal % they receive?) Zillow? Etc.

• If no one is interested in buying the house as a house have you had any experience of people that would pay for the parts? Ie. find someone to buy all the windows, or all the cabinets, etc. Is that an option to recoup some expense if it can’t be moved or sold as a house?

Thank you for any insight, I definitely need a lot of advice.

Hi Novice, more than at maybe any time, used older MH’s have some value. Presuming yours can be cleaned, restored to habitable conditions, you should have something that creates interest. Often offering to sell them brings more interest than offering to give them away, believe it or not.

I recommend selling them as is, where they sit. Let the buyer manage the cost and risk of moving the home. Older homes are notorious for suffering damage during a move. A transporter that moves them will likely seek a waiver of liability for any damage sustained by the home during a move.

Good luck