Selling homes, how to without 21st?

I’m in contract on my first MHP (woohoo!). The owners also just brought in 2 brand new homes (3bd2ba) that I’m going to pay cash for outside the MHP sale. I just did a basic test ad via facebook and got what I feel was a healthy response (I turned it off after two days because I didn’t want to give anyone else false hope).
The ad was for “2&3 bedrooms home for rent”. Some people specifically asked about purchasing, but I don’t think most cared. I don’t intend to rent the homes, so how do I convert the interested parties into buyers?
I don’t think I can use 21st because my lot count is too small (going to try, just want to plan for the worst). It seems strange to show the home and then tell them they need to go find financing. Do I need to have a lender on hand for them to contact? How do I explain the possible pricing structure when they are viewing the home?

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21st Mortgage will still finance a home even if they don’t offer you a floorplan. There might be more stringent underwriting since they don’t have you as the park owner backing the loans and they might require a larger down payment from your customers. There are other lenders like Triad and Vanderbilt, and others. You might find you get a lot of cash buyers too. I don’t recommend doing seller financing but that could be an option if everything else fails.

Not knowing your area but it’s always worth trying to sell them for cash / bank financing before reverting to renting or selling on payments… do a quick look on Zillow and see if any mobile homes have sold in your area recently with Realtors. It’s never mentioned here but that is the only way I sell my homes— it adds a layer of professionalism and screening to the process and is well worth the 6% vs dealing with all the garbage FB Marketplace responses

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Also, MikeO is correct regarding financing (although I’ve found 21st to be AWFUL for resident financing). Many local credit unions as well as the national lenders mentioned will loan on a home in a park.

Not sure you strategy and goals here, but would a lease-option be out of the question? No, you won’t get the entire lump sum of the sale right away, but you’d get a large chunk up front. And you’d likely be able to increase the PP several thousand for offering this service to the client. You’d also have an occupant that would treat the home better than when renting.

Please tell us how Zillow works for MH’s? Professionalism how? Thanks!

For Zillow, I search “For Sale” or “Sold” and click “Manufactered” under home type. Then you just need to read the listings to make sure you’re getting pricing for homes in parks vs on their own land. (Also my go-to method for finding comparable lot rents in the area)

Regarding using a Realtor, I’ve tried listing homes myself and gotten a lot of junk inquiries regarding rent to own or straight rental. Just a lot of hassle to sift through. Since I’ve started listing with Realtors, I’ve found they filter a lot of the garbage leads out (because it’s on MLS / Zillow type sites, not Craigslist or FB) and anything that sifts through they take care of, not me. I’ve also found current residents love it, because they have comparable sales that make it easier to refinance or plan.

Like I said, won’t work in every market, but if you’re selling homes for cash or bank financed (not RTO/RC) for $30k+ it’s something to consider.

I agree with you on using a realtor. It worked in my market during my infill and also a resident sold her home using a realtor. The garbage you get from Facebook, Craigslist, etc makes you lose faith in the human race. Total waste of time in my area. The realtor is worth the commission all day long

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21st Mortgage will still finance a home even if they don’t offer you a floorplan.

I talked to my 21st rep and that isn’t entirely true. I think they will still allow retail financing for the home buyer, but the qualifications are much harder since the park owner is not “on the hook” to buy back the home in the event of a repossession. He didn’t outright say “no” but he made it sound like if I wasn’t part of the program then the options are much more limited.

That is exactly what I said in my post. They’re in the chattel lending business whether or not you are in the CASH program. The underwriting for a mobile home financed to a retail customer without being in the CASH program is much harder since they have more risk. Higher down payments required too.

Sorry, I think I must have misread your initial post or the wording threw me. Yes, it is as you say.

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There are a variety of lenders including Triad, Oxford, Vanderbilt, Performance Equity Partners, etc. New guidance (at least in some states) confirms that you can discuss and generally assist in finding a lender and assisting with loan applications without being a licenses mortgage underwriter. The lenders can generally provide their term ranges, so you can be somewhat accurate when speaking terms to tenants. With that being said, it is best if you can have a few names to point your tenants to.