Selling a repo home

I recently got a home back that i was holding the paper on. I didn’t create the mortgage, but bought it when I bought a park last year. I have 7 notes remaining.

I’ve not done sold any homes so have a couple questions. I don’t want to rent it, but want to sell for cash so as to not involve safe act, etc. teh home is a 2011 2bed/2 bath. $34K still owning. I’m willing to take somewhat of a haircut to get it off my books. I have 4 vacant lots on a 59 space park. Park is in the early stage of turn around as it was pretty rough when we bought it. Market is tight for apartment rents.

I want to send a letter to the current residents first as they know of the improvements we’ve made. What type of incentive should i offer if i get areferral that qualifies and completes the deal to buy the home?

Why do you believe you will have problems selling the home such that you need to entice buyers at your loss.