Selling a portfolio of 340 pads on 242 acres


I will be offering a portfolio of 340 pads on 242 acres for sale in the Northeast and was wondering if anyone had thoughts on some of the bigger players I should contact about buying such a portfolio.

I’m not interested in talking to brokers about listing the portfolio or investors who want to option the package and try to re-sell the portfolio.

I’ve contacted a few national and regional buyers with whom I’ve dealt in the past, but just wondered if anyone has any other ideas on buyers.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I don’t want to give too many details out on this board, so if anyone is a principal who is interested, feel free to contact me directly and leave me your contact information. I’ve had tenants try to contact me posing as MHC operators in the past and I’m a little gunshy about posting details on this site.