Seller Financing Tips

I am attempting to convince a park owner to do seller financing. The purchase price is $285,000 and when I speak to her next I want to encapsulate all the benefits of seller financing. Any tips? Thanks

There are several threads on this, but here is a recent one:

Good luck!

There are many benefits for the seller to carry the financing.

If they want out of management - they’ll do it. If not, they won’t.

Show some skin in the game. If you come off as a no-money-down - recent seminar graduate, you’ll get turned down.

But if you have some capital and a track record, a seller who wants to put the park behind them, will do almost everything you ask.

Be aware - some agents don’t understand this type of transaction and will sabatoge the deal. They don’t want to get sued if you don’t perform.

Provide a fast, easy solution and the seller will follow your lead.

Keep us posted on your progress,