Self-employment tax for park owner; tax returns; Schedule C & E; LLC

Hey folks,

Just got draft back from my CPA for first year of park ownership (2014). Delighted at how depreciation helps cash flow in these early years.

One surprise, some self-employment tax appears to have generated. My SFR rental properties simply appear on schedule E and are subject to state and federal income taxes, but no SE tax.

My accountant put the park on Schedule C, which I believe is correct since it’s in an LLC, and SE tax was generated on the after expense income. Wasn’t expecting that…

Is this is line with what others have found? Is this just the (relatively small) price one pays for the protection of having the park in an LLC and not just as another rental property on Schedule E?

Thanks as always,


I thought as long as it is purely rental income and you have no other business activity on the property then no SE tax. I’m not sure the IRS cares what type of entity you have - it has to do with what type of income. Disclaimer - I am not a CPA or a lawyer. I would get a 2nd opinion.