Self-Directed IRA self dealing

I’m ready to go with my account, but I can’t seem to avoid issues of self-dealing. First, I thought I would simply sell notes that my company was holding to my SD IRA - No Way - that is self dealing. Then I thought about selling these notes to another party and having my SD IRA purchase them from 3rd party…was advised against this as; if it were investigated it would surely be ruled to be self-dealing. So, I dropped the idea of using my existing notes in any way. I was taking the approach of SD IRA buying MH’s and then SD IRA placing lien on titles and financing sale…I was advised (by Equity Trust Co) this would be fine unless MH’s are located in my MHP (that is where I want them to be!) This would be ruled self-dealing. Can someone lay this out for me about how to structure these transactions to achieve the result of my being able to utilize these funds to create notes on MH’s located in my park?


Call Joe Zuniga at, his phone is 913-268-2990. I have discussed with him, doing just exactly what you are asking, & he may have a way to structure ut to make it work.


Rick Lee


Some of our friends who frequent this forum invest their Roth IRAs in notes with us and we invest in notes with other friends. Thus, we avoid the self-dealing issue, but still get the funds that we need for our parks as well as making great interest on the notes funded by our IRA accounts. Why not try that and stay on the straight-and-narrow.

You definitely don’t want to self-deal. If you have ever heard Peter Fortunato, you are in need of the “financial friends” he speaks of and I highly recommend going to one of his presentations! (I think you just missed one that was in Atlanta over last weekend, however.)