Self-Directed IRA for Mobile Homes?

I have a small mobile home park east of Houston. I’m wondering if anyone knows a way to use an IRA to buy homes for one’s park. I was told by a self-directed IRA company, that if I bought homes to sell or rent, I couldn’t put them in a park that I own because it’s considered “self-dealing”.

Does anyone know a way around this or a way to structure things so that it could be possible. We manage the park as an LLP, if that helps. But my brother and I both own 50% of the LLP and the park/land.

Here is an alternative that I plan to use: Transfer my IRA funds into a 401k. If you ever worked anywhere where they had a 401k that you contributed to, you should be able to roll your IRA funds into it even if you no long work there. You can then borrow from your 401k up to half the amount in it not to exceed $50,000. You have to pay interest - But, here is the neat part, you pay the interest to yourself! Into your 401k. You do have to pay the principal back. Talk to your plan administrator to see if your 401k allows borrowing.

As for the self directed IRA, my conclusion is that it seems pretty iffy. The IRS is taking a harder look at these when investing in something you own an interest in that you take an active management role. I was told I can invest a self directed in apartments but I can not be the property manager.