Seeking short or long term partner

I am seeking a partner to help me purchase my first MHP.
My first scenario is for a short term loan for the down payment and DD. costs.
Second scenario is the same down payment and DD.costs with a long term division of net income and percentage of the eventual sale price on the property purchase.

What I offer: for both scenarios a mutually agreed upon property in a 100k+ metro, city water, city sewer, and seller financing.

for the first option my objective would be to pay off the loan and DD. costs as quickly as possible at an agreed upon interest rate and a small portion of the net income, then the property will be solely mine.
For the second option I would maximize the upside of the agreed upon property, and we will decide how long to hold and when to sell. Net income will be split during ownership of the property. Final sale price will be split accordingly as well.
For you the investor, all hands on work that the property needs will be handled by myself. I will give 110% effort for both of our benefits. I will be open to advice and suggestions and keep any and all information about the park available to you at any time.
About myself, I am relatively new to MHP investing. I have spent a lot of time on the forum, and have read and listened to Frank and Dave’s home study course. I have read any book related to MHP investing and some on general commercial investing. I have been a landlord in the past. I have flipped a park and everyday I am researching parks to pass to investors. I have many references, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to become a successful investor by walking in the shoes of investors before me. Because of circumstances I am asking for a hand up to help me get started. I can be reached at Thanks in advance

Hello, I’m interested in finding operating partners. I’ve done similar deals with others; paid a management fee and percentage of upside. (usually 10% or 15%)
I’ve been investing in real estate for 30 years.
Please let me know if this interests you.