Seeking Partnership Investor for off market MH Parks

Hi Investors,

My partner and I are park mobile home park owners and operators we are looking for additional partners in future investment deals. We are actively involved in the space.

We are ramping up our deal finding and marketing and looking for a partner to bring capital. We are seeking partners that might be interested in contributing capital (JV or I’m open to structure) to any deals we come across. If you’re interested reach out and we can have chat .

Feel free to reach out directly. Thank you.


My business partner and I may be interested. Reach out!

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There is always the exception to the rule but partnerships are tough. Some have money, some have experience. Some have both. Most of my deals I do on my own or with a friend / partner. A starving partner is worse. They think everything is a good deal and we waste a lot of time looking at deals that they think we should buy at a stupid price. Even worse is buying one and not knowing anything about the rental business. I worked apartment complexes and motels for 30 years. Not much difference with MHP. Just make sure you hook up with people in the know. I looked at a 40 unit faciility last month that they wanted twice the value. No way anyone could make the $$ work. Felt bad for them, they had no idea what to do. I actually told them to go to MHU and take the course. A little late but better late than never.

hey my names justin reynolds… i work for a mobile home company in Wichita, Ks… i have 25-35 mobile homes for sale years ranging from 1993 to 2018. the homes are also in multiple states… looking for new investors feel free to contact me… i can send pictures and prices upon request

25 years MHP experience, selling my parks, retiring and looking to invest passively

Hi Bret, just sent you an email from , thanks

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