Seeking Partner!

This is a small park, and my business partner wants out due to a personal financial circumstance. I wish I could buy her out, but I cannot do it at this time. Thus, this would be to cash her position out with the money she put in at the start.

The park is located in Amarillo, TX - we purchased the park for $250,000 (with a 90% loan); it has 11 spaces, expandable to 28 spaces, grosses over $3000/month, but does not break even yet due to maintenance issues (about $800 under/month).

I am moving up several trailers in August and they should be rented out by September/October. Also - we have two renters that will be paying a additional combined $1000/month starting November 1, 2006.

Email me at if you are interested. The amount of the partnership is not large, but I would like serious enquiries only.




Since the MH Park is on the small side, I would put an ad in the local newspaper or attend a local real estate club meeting and let everbody know that you are looking for a partner.


If you still have this available, contact me and we can talk. I will be at 928 369 3522 for the next two days. After that, you can reach me by Sat, I hope, at 210 494 4668.

If you would prefer, just email me.