Seeking more communities In NY CT PA OH SC

Hi I own 2 communities and other properties.
Not a big corporate type just individual family investor.
Seeking 50 + pads in New York State or Connecticut or PA or Eastern Ohio or South Carolina.

Please reach out with your listing or something not widely marketed as I’m on multiple mail lists of brokers. Especially not something unpriced widely marketed by major brokerage.

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I’m surprised to see NY on your list with a 3 percent lot rent increase?

Long term outlook and critical mass.

Hi Apetriella–I have a 21-space park in NY’s Finger Lakes region for assignment at $300k. Easy to double its value in 2-3 yrs. Email me at: and I’ll share more details. Must close by July 7th. Thanks!

I’m in SC, and also looking for deals. Have experience with MHPs and multi. If you need boots on the ground within 1-hour of Charleston, please reach out.

Thank you Dave. Will do. Seeing any 50+ communities u don’t want plz let me know.

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I emailed u regarding this