Seeking Corporate/Real Estate Attorney Recommendations

My friend and I are forming a partnership to buy mobile home parks. We’re looking for an attorney who can draft a partnership agreement and advise on a legal structure. Please let me know if you recommend anyone. Thanks in advance!

Hi - my partners and I are in need of the same. Have you had any luck finding an attorney and would you be willing to share their name?



There were a couple relevant responses here:

I’ve worked with Adam Wolper at Trenk Dipasquale in NJ for all of my legal docs. He also has experience owning MHPs. He’s opening his own practice Sept 1. You can email him at

I started with the PA included with the Frank & Dave course and then had my local attorney add/change a few things for our state law. Every state is a bit different though, so not sure how you can handle that.

Maybe some of the more experienced RE investors here could share how they deal with making offers in multiple states. Do you use one agreement for all or many states, or do you have different versions for each state?