Seeking $1.5M+ in debt

We purchased a park in Kansas City for $1.6M, and will put approximately $300-500K in CAPEX into infrastructure (excludes home purchases).

We are seeking debt partners that can provide the highest LTV. The remaining capital will come from a private equity fund, and the debt guarantor is a high net worth partner in the deal.

We recently purchased a park and secured 85% LTV including construction loan with a 25 year schedule, 10 year term, 50 basis origination fee, no prepayment fees, interest only first year, 6% interest. Unfortunately the bank does not cover that region.

This will be our 8th park, we’re batting 100% so we have a track record of success.


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Give me a call tomorrow. We would be interested in looking at this one.

Kurt Wilkerson

Vanderbilt Mortgage

LTV is a bit high but would be a good Fannie/Freddie product (non-recourse, lowest rates, 30 year amort). Always happy to chat and see if the park fits the parameters.

Aubrey Matthews

Shoot me an email at if you are still looking.