Security issues

I have a small park in north central Florida. Currently it is vacant.

I would like to put some better homes in the park. I can make the numbers work, but I am concerned that if I bring a new unit in, it will be vandalized or stripped before it is sold and occupied. I live out of the area. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone have an opinion on installing a 4’ chain link fence around the property? It would probably run about $6000, but maybe this is cheap insurance if it would actually help with security.

Thanks in advance for any help or experience you might be willing to share!

I would think a 4’ fence would be very little help, I would think a 6’ would be a little better but the chain link fences can get ugly in just a few short years.

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I have to agree about the fence not being a good idea. Every park I know that has a fence quickly ends up with holes in it from either kids or true criminals. Chain link or wood doesn’t matter they all end up looking bad and not working.

I would say that money is better spent putting in surveillance cameras and maybe even getting a neighborhood watch setup (ie pay someone who lives in the park). All it really takes is getting a few people in the park to take some pride in it and things can improve drastically.


Thanks Jad

Why I wondered about the fence, the park has one unit in it with more to come. The one tennant is inherited with the purchase of the park. He is at work all day and not much in terms of being cooperative.

I have had a couple of old boats dumped on the park that I had to pay to remove. Nobody in the neighborhood “saw anything”. I even wondered about just making an 18" berm of dirt so that trailers could not back onto the property. Is that also a waste of time?