Security Cameras

Does anybody use security cameras in their park? We’ve had some theft issues and I’m curious if there is a DIY camera solution to this. First, is this legal? Second, I’d like to position a few cameras around the park and my concern is the wiring of these cameras. Any advice would be appreciated.


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When I first took over my park I had a sever problem with vandalism and the criminals breaking into trailers to cut out parts that could be resold for scrap. Once we cracked down on rules violations, let everyone know we were serious, and evicted the worst tenant the crime stopped. A few suggestions:

-Pass out a letter to everyone in the park letting them know to please contact the manager if they see anything suspicious, and that you will provide a cash reward to anyone who can give evidence that leads to the arrest of a vandal.

-Crack down on rules violations, your worst tenants are also probably your criminals.

-As an alternative to a real camera, you could post up notices that video surveillance is now in effect in the park, and then put up fake cameras that you can get for ~$10 off amazon.

I would try the above three first, and then move on to real cameras if those don’t work.

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I want to place cameras in strategic places in my park. Before I install the cameras I will put out an announcement and add a line in my park rules that state that the cameras in no way are intended to provide security services for park. A parking garage had video cameras and was sued by a woman who was assaulted. She said that the cameras were a sign of garage’s intent to provide security and that they had failed. Don’t know if she won or lost…but it’s food for thought and probably worth a five minute chat with your attorney.

I have used the wifi products from Aystone Productivity with good results for a couple of years and plan on adding their new security cameras

I set up the wifi system myself and plan on doing the same with the security cameras where possible

they are desinged for ranchers and farmers


Thanks for the info. I will check them out. Are you able to store any video for use later?


Noel S,

I have already done most of the above, with the exception of posting signs and fake cameras. I may try that as the next step.


We have cameras on all of our parks, best money ever spent. It helps with illegal dumping as well,

$500 @ costco comes with a DVR and 8 cameras.

We use Swann Cameras. You can purchase them at Best buy for about $500. Great customer service, you call them and they will walk you through the whole installation. We love having the cameras, it eliminated 90% of the petty crime in the park and I can view all the cameras for all our parks from my smartphone.

How do you view the cameras from your smart phone…is it an app that the manufacturer has or can you use any camera …I love that idea

I have the security cameras from Sams Club in my office and probably will be setting up the Ayrstone on my property

I don’t get the feeling that the Sams club cameras are as durable as the cameras built for the ranches

here’s a crazy question…how do you keep the cameras from getting stolen?

Okay, finally started shopping for security cameras and have a few questions for you owners who have installed them in your parks. So, here goes …

  1. How far can the (reasonably priced) wireless type of cameras realistically have clarity?

  2. What is the best power source for the wireless units? Anyone use solar?

  3. Which models, manufacturer’s systems do you use? This thread mentions Swann, Arystone. Others?

  4. How to deal with cold, rain, wind for the cameras mounted outside?

  5. How is the best way to configure the operation?

  6. Can the video feed(s) be routed to the “cloud” for safety?

  7. Does the server need to be onsite in a secure location?

My budget is around $1,000 for the entire system (i.e., cameras, server, etc.) and I would like to put up a minimum of 10 cameras.

We finally went out and bought a few trail-cams because there was a lot of ruckus and vandalism going on, and I was tired of trying to keep tabs on it all hours of the night. Once was was found by residents, things came to a screeching halt. It’s now known by residents that we move them around frequently, and the vast majority of residents that have said something indicate that they feel safer knowing that their neighborhood is being looked- after better. The few that have been displeased were people that were causing most of the trouble to begin with.

I have, on occasion, had a resident or two come check the camera out… but none that were bold enough to actually try messing with it. Of course, they have all heard the story through other people about the sheriff having cameras in the park too, so they may just be afraid they may be messing with the “wrong” ones.

I just want to add quickly, that if you do not have the actual time to review footage on a regular basis, you will want to be able to store it for future use in case you find out something happened that you want to be able to look back on. I have spent countless hours reviewing camera footage simply because when something actually happens in the community, people call me before they call the police for some reason, and when I tell them to call the police first, they don’t call anyone at all.

Yes I suggest you wireless surveillance cameras for parks. Recently I installed outdoor wireless ip cameras with night vision. It has high resolution at a distance with clarity of image.