Security camera options

I was looking to install security cameras in a few locations in my park to monitor activity.

I recently installed Arlo cameras. They are Ok, and the issue I have is the batteries drain fast, the locations that are the furthest away from the Internet have poor connectivity, the cloud service is expensive, And the set of four Arlo cameras can cost $1000 which is very expensive!

I was wondering if anyone has any success stories with any camera options that they can recommend.

Hi I have 2 of the solar cellular ones from Amazon. You have to use T mobile SIM card and have had some issues but overall they have worked well.
Cellular 4g lte outdoor security camera from Amazon.

Cellular 4G LTE Outdoor Security Camera Wireless No WiFi Needed, Solar Battery Power, IP65 Waterproof, Spotlight Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio, Micro-SD Card/ Cloud Storage

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I was looking for a security camera to protect my new home.
I want a camera that is full HD quality
I finally got a camera to match my qualities. and its Goowls camera. i have very good experiance with that. its awesome and have good quality. if anyone want to buy Goowls Camera then contact with GeoffsClub.