Security camera installation

Does anyone have a recommendation as to the best security cameras to install in a park? This park is in the midwest, pretty cold climate (Iowa). Any advice or other tips are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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@munger - I am very interested in this topic also! I have been doing some research “in my free time” I think the two factors (for me) are powered versus solar AND Internet connected versus static storage. At the park where I need cameras - I do not have an onsite Internet connection and power would be an issue. I have used some of the solar powered Ring cameras and the solar power has been able to keep the cameras powered, but I think the cameras at the park would have more usage (and so the solar power may/may not be able to keep up with the camera - I do not know) I have large security lights in some locations at the park and so I want to try to use the existing power to see if I can install a camera or two as a test.

I think it is best to have an Internet connection onsite and have access to live video - but maybe it doesn’t matter?

Please share your thoughts and research or tests with any of the cameras…Let’s figure this out!!

Yes I suggest you wireless surveillance cameras for parks. Recently I installed outdoor wireless ip cameras with night vision. It has high resolution at a distance with clarity of image.