Section 8 and Mobile Homes

Hi all,
id like to get a better understanding of Section 8 and mobile homes.
I currently have 2 section 8 tenants in 2 condos , no issues
After doing some research on mobile home investing, Id like to purchase a few mobile homes for section 8. Here comes the question…

I have used the Fair Market Rents (40th PERCENTILE RENTS) | HUD USER to get my rates for section 8 condos,
but i can’t determine with those rates apply to mobile homes as well

We have Section 8 tenants in our mobile home park in New Mexico. Typically on the voucher program they get over half of their lot rent paid through the Section 8 office. Usually utilities are handled separately so the tenant is responsible for those 100%. You are only allowed to raise the rents once per year for them so keep that in mind, in mobile home parks the standard is usually just a 60-day notice to raise rents.