Seattletimes article love how the victims demonize the lender for ‘being all about the money’ after the husband was injured and unable to work. There is no free lunch. I have personally been booted out on my ass over the same situation. That’s life. You work harder than before to maneuver around your problems.

It sounds like these people are guilty of being incredibly bad shoppers and planners. What idiot would prepare the land before the deal is signed? Why were they living in a 1963 travel trailer until recently – is that the best they could do while earning roughly $30,000 per year (two folks at minimum wage)? And they can’t find a way to work the system to get some type of disability pay? Why were they extending themselves at this point in their lives to begin with – as they are no spring chickens? I see a whole lot more problems here than just an interest rate change at Clayton.