Seattle MOM

New guy here again!!

Is the Seattle MOM a good place for a newbie to get some more info.

What is the cost, etc,


Cost is plane ticket, and hotel room. The event is no cost. See the post below for info to the hotel.

This is a GREAT place for a new uy to get started! Many of the STARS of MH investing will be there - not the fancy-pants guru guys, but the knuckleheads out there making it work, making it pay the mortgage and buy the groceries!



couldn’t resist


I attended the Seattle MOM last year and didn’t understand much of anything. However, I heartily recommend you attend (I’m flying in from Ohio) and don’t worry if nothing makes sense. Listening to people who do this stuff day in and day out is great and things will eventually become clear. The more of these events you go to the more you will understand just how valuable they are. The speakers really know their stuff and the price is right.

The only thing I am not happy about is there is no BBQ and jazz place next door. Really, Steve, you simply must try harder next time:-)


when is the event?

Oct 6 - see the post below for more detail

I would recommend both Steve’s MOM in WA state and any that Greg Meade puts on in FL. There is no more affordable means of face to face education and networking around.

I am not certain what fancy pants mobile home guru’s Steve is talking about and I am not certain any exist in the mobile home field. Most that I know are the folks who make their living owning and operating mobile home properties and have a book or seminar they do once in a while.

One great thing about the mobile home investment game is that by comparison to any of the other creative real estate investment niche’s this niche is the least expensive to learn from by far.