Seattle MOM official: 10/6

Saturday October 6, 830 am to 530 pm, networking to follow until dawn (!); meet & greet / networking Friday in lobby/lounge

DoubleTree Hotel, across the street from the Sea-Tac airport (SEA)

This is an opportunity to meet investors and entrepreneurs alike; since last year many people have partnered profitable!

(newbies take note: THESE are the events you need to attend, networking events, bootcamps, etc, where like-minded people share ideas and money! Get in front of people; tell them what you do or what you want to do - make connections!)

the event is free, the rooms are a little pricey (~$149), but no rental car or cabs necessary - call it the price of the event.

Speakers are expected to include Ryan Needler, Greg Meade, John Merchant, Lauren Huffman of Banker’s Mutual, and others. A panel of locals will present their years work, opening up discussion on parks, land homes, Lonnie Deals, and partnering.

RSVP would be nice; I ain’t got no barbecue, but there’s a burger king nearby!

Many thanks to my buddy Jered-WA for assisting in the planning!

watchew want me to talkabout??/LOL…this is very cool…I will get my room ordered…can I come a day early and check out your operation? Help you set up? (assemble a screen?) Me and Ryan can do that!!

This is agood thing you do Steve…

Your friend,



I am in! I can’t wait to see everybody in Seattle!


Man, you guys get to have all of the fun. As Corey so aptly puts things, I’m sure it will be “amazing”!


How come there is never a MOM in some really cool exotic place like…Oh I don’t know …Rochester NY. Or Can I sponsor one?

I will be there. I live on the west coast and can help with any pre meeting set up items also. Just let me know I would be glad to help.

Rick Ewens

in Rochester would be very cool. These meetings seem to target new investors…the ones that need a small nudge to GOTC. A lot of seasoned investors come for networking…I suggest new folks attend these…they are free!!

It has been an honor to have hosted 6 of them in the South.

Greg Meade

Greg where and when do you plan on having a MOM in Florida again? Where in the south do you have these. I am a newby wanting to learn from you guys.


will be in Troy, AL either the 2nd and3rd or the 9th and 10th of November… wonderful time of year there. there are a lot of events for MH folks now (yeah) and I have kinda waited to post next MOM. Jim and Ellen Brenn are special friends of mine and we will tour their turnaround Park on Friday and have our actual meet on Sat. Will post specifics by July 1.

I want to have the next one in 08 at Daphne and John Lowe’s park in GA. Probably need to ask if they are OK with that, eh? LOL

I am going to Steve WA’s MOM in October, Tony and Scott’s bootcamp in August, and MHM in the Spring…I love to see old and young friends and spend time with my mobile homies LOL.

Good Investing,

Greg Meade

Count me in folks.

I’ll be in the area already.

Looking forward to meeting those of you I haven’t met yet, and learning more about this biz.

Recently read through the Lonnie books and I’m starting to get excited…

James Hagarty