Seattle MOM great succe$$!

Definitely a higher grade event than ever before, due in no small part to the generosity of our speakers fro this community: Fred Balke, Ryan Needler, Greg Meade, and Corey Donaldson. AWESOME! You guys so rock! I cannot thank you ALL enough!

The other speakers gave fantastic insight into trends, and financial markets, faaaaaar above my expectations - thank you Jim and John and especially Lauren.

We didn’t tour a park, but it felt like we did tour Greg’s and Fred’s both, in seeing photos and detailed financial information.

Thanks as well to all the attendees, especially the travelers, Steve-AZ and his bride, Rick Ewens, Daphne, Dale, and others too numerous to mention!

My only regret is that we may have had too much information, and not enough networking and deal analysis! And of course, we all missed Marlene from the MH Guys, who, while attending the Friday evening festivities with her sister, did not really get the opportunity to learn and share which came with longer attendance. There was a lot of interest in Jim’s discussion of condo conversions, and Marlene has done this! Maybe next year, SHE will agree to be a headliner!!

(BTW, we have this when its cold so nobody will want to move here!)


I had a great time seeing you and my friends from here again, I met several really neat people that I would likely have never met on this side of the country, got 4 new ideas to work on our business so the trip will pay for it’s self in very short order…

Thanks again for hosting this event!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler


Thank you for the invite to speak and show people the on going results we are achieving in Albany, GA with our turn around park, it was great to see you again as well as other good friends Ryan, Daphne, Rick, Corey and last but not least Greg Meade as well as making some new friends. Keep up the great work out on the west coast and best of luck, hope to see you again soon. I had a great time, it was a great group of people.

I learned aton of new stuff and talikng with lauren reinforces what Scott and Tony are always saying…“Establish a relationship with a local bank”

Corey and Fred both gave outstanding presentations on turn around Parks. Fred Balke takes real pride of ownership in his Park and it shows in the absolutely amazing results he has achieved in less than 3 years. I hope to find my own Park where I will feel the same.

It will take a few days to process all the input I received from this meet…

Thanks Steve,



Thank you for putting together MOM Seattle. It is always educational and energizing to get together with a group of people that all have varied backgrounds, but yet are all in pursuit of one common goal financial success and life style improvement.

I really want to thank Fred for sharing his turn around park with us all. It was refreshing to know that I am not the only one who would pay $1 mil plus for something that looked that bad. With a little education we can all learn to spot those $1000 bills that are laying underneath all the trash and uglyness. Thanks Again

Rick Ewens


Thank you so much for inviting me to your MOM meeting. I just love that everyone there had so much to share and willingly did so and truly cares about each other and each other’s successes. Its a tight knit group of really great people!!

I very much enjoyed meeting everyone-again in some cases. Hoping to see you all in the future.