We own a couple MHPs in Ohio, We are having a lot of problems with people scrapping things.

We have someone taking the copper ground wire from the meters and to their breakers?

When we evict someone they scrap everything inside there trailers. (counter, cabinets, sink, water lines, furnace, water tank, light switches) etc.

we are new in the MHP world and would love to hear what other people would or have done

Thank you


  1. Run a FULL background check on all prospective residents

  2. Collect a security deposit equal to at least one month’s rent

By ‘full’ background check, I mean more than ‘just’ checking public records for criminal background. Kroll, and many others, can do this basic public records search for $20. We pay twice as much ($40) to have an actual person do that same public records search PLUS call the prospective resident’s employer and previous landlords. That way, we hear first-hand what sort of resident this person was (and employee). You’d be surprised how many times we hear ‘they trashed the place - would not rent again.’ And then guess what? We don’t rent to them. We stick to our guns and suck up a bit more vacancy in the short term until a quality resident comes along in another few weeks.

We screen thoroughly. We have very little theft. We stay full, and we have a community of better-quality residents that refer us to their family and friends. Everybody wins (except the copper thieves).



Thank you for your advice, and the names of the background check company. Is the real person for $40.00 with “ Kroll” too?

We just purchased these parks and the problem is these are tenants that we acquired with the park.

We have evicted several already. Do you have any suggestions for how to evict someone in a less costly manner? Is anyone familiar with Ohio laws and a way to evict without the owner being present just the manager and no Lawyer? The cheapest lawyer we can find in the town is $450.00 that is getting really expensive. Then after we evict them we have to replace everything they scrapped.

Thank you Sharon

Our background check person only serves Oklahoma.

But finding a similar person in Ohio should not be difficult:

  1. Join your State’s manufactured housing association, which in Ohio is the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association ( (FYI, anyone can find their State’s association here: Manufactured and Mobile Home Values – J.D. Power)

  2. Call local/large Apartment complexes and ask who they use for their background checks

As regards more cost-effective evictions, again, ask the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association and those apartment managers. I believe only California requires an attorney to be present. Our experience is in Oklahoma, and we send either our Property Manager or Asset Manager to court.

You might also send all your residents an application form and require them to fill that out (SSN, get a copy of their driver’s license, etc.). Many of them will not (and I think your only recourse would be eviction, and I’m not necessarily recommending that), but at least you’d probably get some information on some of the residents. That might make them less likely to steal from you, and you would be better able to track them down if and when they steal from you.

Ah, the joys of taking over a poorly run mobile home park… ain’t it grand? (:P)



We have several parks in Ohio (near Marysville/Columbus). What part of the state are your parks? Ohio law requires an attorney for eviction (some states don’t). It might help to “bundle” your evictions. Our attorney gives us a discount on the 2nd or 3rd eviction if we do them at the same time.

If the $450 you are quoted includes the filing fee that sounds about right. Ours is $250 for attorney fee plus the court fee of around $110 (depends on the county and how many defendants).


If you happen to be in Toledo Ohio I can refer you to an attorney who charges $100 plus filing fees ($108-$120) for an eviction. Otherwise call apartment owners to find one. It’s a pain and it takes a while, but its worth it to find the right attorney for evictions.

I had the same problem as you when I first took over my park with some really bad apples and a major problem with vandalism. Issue a letter to the residents offering a $250-$500 reward to anyone who can give evidence of vandalism in the park. Also immediately evict all non payers, typically the guys who can’t pay are also the guys are conducting criminal activity. Slowly over 6 months after buying my park the vandalism started to slow down and then finally stop. I think we got out the bad apples, and the remaining guys who were tempted now knew we meant business and to not mess around.