Scrap Metal Policy

Does anyone else accumulate a lot of scrap metal? When rehabbing homes, removing junk left by past tenants, there is always some scrap metal left over. Does anyone use the scrap money to pay back rent or do you let your contractors/employees cash it in on their own time?

I think I had some roofers rip me off and steal the metal roof off a home of mine.:X But we don’t have a scrap metal policy per se. If/when the issue comes up again, I’ll ask the vendor what they intend on doing with the scrap, and tell them they can have it and to reduce their bill accordingly.

FYI, it is very important to let vendors know they need to leave the house and surrounding yard clean. Most seem to think the front yard of the house is actually the dump. Make sure they know where the actual dump is and to use it.

Good luck,


Good point. Thanks JL.