School Bus Use of Private Road

The majority of our park is on a city-maintained street that dead-ends at the end of the park. Before you get to the end of the street, there’s a park-maintained road that services 15 home sites. When we bought the park, the park-road was in poor condition and we’ve spent more than $5000 in repairs. The road is in good shape except where it meets the city street. I’ve noticed the school bus turns around there every day (pulls into our road and backs onto the city street to turn around). I’ve seen the tires churning up the surface of our road, where there are now potholes. Since this is the only place our road is in disrepair, I’m thinking it’s likely due to the bus turning around there. I’m wondering if anyone knows if we have any options in this situation. The city street ends about 500’ past our road, but there’s not enough room for the bus to turn around. Are we obligated to allow the bus to turn around on our private road? Would it be unreasonable to ask the city/school board to cover maintenance of that section of road? Or do we just chalk it up to another cost of doing business? Thanks for your input.

I’d think you could stop any such vehicle from driving on your private roads.  You may need to contact an attorney for advice on that.But I’d first just take a few photos, preferably a video of the bus as it is actually doing the ‘Twist and Shout’ on your roads, and contact the school board and see if you can work out an amicable understanding.Let us know how it turns out,-jl-