Sch 40 verse SDR 35 and 2729

We are redoing a small section of the park. We will need to rerun sewer lines. The park has clay tile currently. Looking to see if folks are using sch 40, 2729 or SDR 35 for repairs and or upgrades to sewer system.

I’ve used both SDR 35 and Sch. 40. The big 8” lines were the 35 and the small 20-30’ runs of 4” were schedule 40. We bought adapters to tie in the 40 to the 35. For me the 40 is easier to use than the SDR 35 but I could only find up to 4” schedule 40 and everything bigger was SDR 35.

My concern rest with how thin SDR35 is, but it is used for sewer pipes by local cities and towns.