Samples of letters of interest?

Good Monday Morning!

Having spent the last 72 hrs with everyone at MHM6, I’m sitting here in my office at the J-O-B and really not enjoying it much! I am spending my time wisely however, as I have downloaded the tax info for about ten parks in our area and am now compiling the list of mailing addresses so I can send an introductory letter to them.

I believe that the proper way to approach this is just a simple introductory letter of interest in their park and letting them know that I would like to follow up with a visit. Is that the right approach? If any of you have any tips as to the wording or a protocol which has worked for you in the past, I would appreciate your sharing it.

Corey, Steve, Fred, and everyone else involved, thanks very much for a great event. The information that flowed was priceless and John and I plan to put it to use as quickly as possible.


Yakima, WA


The most effective letter is simple and to-the-point. It should state exactly what you are trying to accomplish. In your case, tell them that you have interest in the mobile home industry and would like to purchase a park in their area and ask them to contact you if they would like to sell their property now or in the future.

The key is to make sure the letter sounds like it is coming from a “regular guy”, not a broker or professional park owner. They get letters from brokers all of the time and just throw them in the trash can.

I don’t know if you had a chance to meet the Mann brothers (Scott and Travis), but they sent out a very simple letter to park owners and received almost a 20% response. You can hear their teleseminar on this site.

One final point, make sure you hand address the envelopes, that way it looks very personal.

Thanks for the kind comments on MHM VI and we look forward to hearing about your journey and getting rid of the regular JOB.