Sales Package

As a followup to my previous post about selling a park “sans realtor” and doing it myself, what should I include in a sales package to present to interested parties?

  • Last year’s income?

  • Last year’s expenses?

  • Payment record of each resident?

  • Payment record for residents with a sales contract which the new owner would buy from me?

  • More?

Thanks for your thoughts-


Dave -

Most of the large brokerage firms put together pretty decent offering memorandums (OMs) on properties for sale. You can download them from their websites and/or email the brokers. Just grab a few OMs from Marcus & Millichap, CBRE, or Sperry van Ness, and model your package on theirs.

Key content to include would include:

  1. 3 years historical P&Ls breaking out lot rent and associated expenses from POH rent and associated expenses (e.g. 2 separate P&Ls)

  2. Property photos

  3. Summary of utilities (who pays what), roads, school district

  4. Current rent roll, including details of all POHs (year, size, #BR/#BA, terms of RTO contract, if any)

  5. Competitive assessment (map showing nearest parks, their lot rent, vacancy rate)

  6. Details on how the park is managed (who, how compensated, on-site or off-site), and how property is marketed to prospective residents

  7. Your reason for selling

I’ve never seen an OM that had all 7. Usually #1 is combined into one, #4 is only detail of rent paid [no house details or RTO details], #5 is weak, and #6 and #7 are never included so I have to call and have a conversation with the Seller.

That’s my wish list. If you can manage to produce at least 4 of the 7 in your OM and do them well, then send it to me and let’s talk about me purchasing your property.