SAFE ACT in pennsylvania

i was just informed that by the passage of the SAFE act or legislation that my lonnie deals i do in my park i will have to be licensed as a mortgage broker to keep doing deals. i was also informed that mobile homes are now deemed the same as a SFR as far as all laws in the state of pa will be concerned. this is supposed to go into affect on Jan 1 2010. i have a call in to my state representative to get the actual legislation so that my attorney can go over it and see how much it will pertain to my business. Has anyone else out there that is doing business in Pa gotten wind of this or done any research as to how this is going to affect business? This has certainly woke me up as to paying way more attention to what our local and state elected reps are doing. i have attached a copy of the legislation act 31 of 2009, House bill 164 (P.N. 2448)