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I am new to this site and someone suggested that I submit my question(s) to this forum. I understand that the feedback and resoucres are phenomenal and really helpful. I look forward to being a part.

My first question is, does anyone have any RV park/ resort park owners resources or forums that are extra helpful? We are in the process of buying a park located in southern california. We are new to the business and would like feedback if you have any available with regards to owning a park in so cal, operating it, and park structure tips (ie. site layout, rental programs, memberships, coops, etc.) I often see many websites that are geared toward mobile home parks and few for RV parks. If you have any advice, guidance or resources I will greatly appreciate all the help I can get:)



A good source would be a web site called RVparkstore.com They offer a site filled with resources. They also have a site called www.mobilehomeparkstore.com.

Both sites are easy to navigate and managed by a couple who own multiple parks.

Thank you for the info. It is funny, I was originally on that sight and someone suggested that I join this forum. At least I have consistently been pointed in the right direction:) I am finding it to be more difficult to find RV Park info as it pertains to owning a park, etc. but I will keep plugging away. I appreciate your response!!


Stacey, I was going to put in an RV park, and got tons of good advice from RV’ers forums. Do a search on RV forum, and just spend time reading. Those full timers have lots of good info. I haven’t been to them in a while, so I don’t have the addresses, but RV.Net seems to be one of them.

I bought 8 acres to put the park in, but had a couple new parks spring up within a couple miles, so I changed directions. My plan was to put in 30 pull through spaces 40x80 so the newer quad slide units would have plenty of room.

Good luck to you! Don

Another good source is ARVC. This is a national organization which requires memberhship before you can access their site. You might want to call them at 703-241-8801, but first check out their site