RV Park Management Software Reccomendations?

Hi all,

I’m an existing MHP owner and just closed on my first RV Park near Florence, OR.

I did a quick search and didn’t see much discussion on this topic, so thought I’d reach out with my question:

Those of you who own an RV Park or know someone who does, what cloud based software do you recommend to manage reservations and track payments etc? Ideally the software easily integrates with Square and Quickbooks (or similar platforms).

The previous owner used ‘RV Park’ software, which works, but performs like software did in 1997 (very cumbersome and not intuitive).

Thanks for your input!


I used Campground Manager. It did the job nicely and was a reasonable cost at that time. (5yrs ago)

Thanks @jsmith! Does anyone else have any recommendations on their favorite RV Park management software?