RV / Campers in Winter

I have added 50/30/20 boxes to my park in Nebraska to quickly infill the empty lots with campers (as I have lots of interest). It’s on city water & sewer and the city has reached out and wants to know how I plan to counter the sewer and water lines freezing in the winter.

Anyone in the North/Midwest with RV experience in the winter time? Anything special need to be done like enclosures or special piping to covert MHP pad for a camper? Only concerned with the above-ground portion…



Thanks SDGuy! Does the heating cables also work on the sewer lines too? Do you find it necessary?

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Skirt them and heat tape / insulate the water lines and any meters. Sewer lines don’t need anything.

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Just what I needed to know, thanks for the feedback.

I use generators in winter, a couple of pieces at once, for heating and cooking food, something powerful like them 12 Best Generators (Winter 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide One feature I really like is the economy mode. This mode is engaged via rocker switch and allows the generator to adjust fuel consumption as loads are connected and disconnected. This setting gives you much longer run time with smaller loads and was sufficient - running one generator only - to keep the RV’s house battery topped off while the battery ran the RV’s blower motor. After a full night’s sleep, the 56200i’s fuel gauge hovered around the half-way mark.