RV and boat storage on site pricing

If you offer storage for items like RVs and boats on site, what are you typically charging?

My parks are charging $10-$20 a month, and it isn’t really worth the hassle of maintaining and supervising the area. I’m sure some residents will be pretty disappointed if we shut it down though.

Even in rural markets it’s difficult to find a boat and RV storage facility for less than $50 per month. Where are they going to take it if you make it “worth the hassle?”


We have experienced a similar experience. Pretty soon, your park just looks like a junkyard. If you’re going to rent space, find out what an outdoor lot rents for in your area. This is very easy to obtain. Google search, call storage facilities, get rates. Make your rate the same rate as theirs. Tenants can take it or leave it.

I’m out state, those lots are taxed so make sure to include that in your price.