RUBS - Electricity & Gas


Any recommendation on RUBS company for electricity & gas? Water is already sub metered. What are the pros and cons with your experience?

Thank you!

RUBS vs Sub-Metering:
Most qualified sub-metering billing/servicing ( aka Reading/Billing/Collections) companies can easily add RUB s to your resident billing; Better yet sub-meter the electric and/or gas, also. We do not charge extra for additional billed line items.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

You should check and see if it is legal in your area to do RUBS.
Temperature inside a home is a personal taste.
Why should I pay for someone to keep their house at 85 degrees in the winter, when I’m good at 65degrees and a sweater?
Adding a meter won’t cost much and tenants will reduce usage by around 30%.
We paid about $130 per space to install electric meters in a long term RV park.

We provide a platform that is more accurate than RUBS.

Contact me & we can discuss in more detail.