Rubber Roof

I’m planning to replace the roof of an older mobile home with rubber membrane roof. The best price I have found so far is $1.65 per sq. ft. (material only). Does anyone know any supplier or dealer that will give me a better price than this? Any replies or advice is greatly appreciated.

I’m in georgia,not sure where you are at,but I can get metal pan roof for $1.65 per sq. ft. (Cost only) Makes for a much easier and better looking job. Myself, I don’t think it’s as hard to do.Wish you well!


Thank you for your suggestion. But due to the age of the mobile home, I was told that metal roof might be too heavy for it.

You might want to look into a “spray on” application. They work, and

the “R Factor” is great.


Marc Ferrell

as I posted above, I got a contractor’s price of 1.60/sf for this stuff at Allied Building Supply

and I think that’s pretty good, considering that roofing contractors charge about 4-5K for a roof like this - oughta be able to get it done for, like $300 I’m thinking!

HAve you ever “torched down” a rubber roof?


Marc Ferrell

different product, is a torchdown roof

and now I see on, he talks about peel & seal @ $1.25/sf

still looking