Room MOM Meeting

Due to medical reasons, Iwill be unable to attend the MOM meeting. I have a double room at the Best Western for Friday Jan. 26 under Fawcett #288044554. Sorry I will be missing the meeting. Tom Fawcett 631 648-0017

Sorry you cannot make it, Tom. However, my two partners and I would like to go so do I need to register or just show up? I am new to this board and the business and I am looking forward to meeting some folks. My plan is to show up at the Best Western at 10am Friday, if I do not get any other feedback. I noticed on previous threads that it is pretty booked up. Will sit on ground, wherever.



Hi Jim,

The Best Western will want to know that you are taking my room reservation. Please contact them, give them my reservation number and my name, and tell them that you will be taking the room instead of me. They can call me to confirm (631-648-0017). You will need to give them your credit card number and they will then eliminate mine.

Please contact me to let me know that you will be using the reservation so that I can take the message off the list and to let me know that my credit card will not be charged.


Tom Fawcett