Roof replacement

I have an older home in my park. On the surface it looks to be in excellent condition with a rubber roofover, redone kitchen, new carpets, redone bath and fresh paint. It was abandoned and given to me in exchange for rent owed in lieu of an eviction and I then had the opportunity to do a more thourough inspection.

the roof is leaking, and come to find out, they waited far too long to put the rubber roof over on and there are at least three places where I could easily fall thru the roof if it were not for the rubber…framing for the roof is gone above the wall that separates the bath and bedroom…which you would never know until you push on the wall

estimate for a metal roof over 4500…repair of framing and replacing wall…800

the home was on the market for 6000

if I remove the home, and take it to the dump, I will be out tear down and transportation costs, I will have to repour new concrete and update electrical in addition to finding and setting up a good 12x60 home to put on the site…and those little homes in good condtion are getting increasingly hard to find

but I don’t want to spend 5300 bucks to get a home ready to resell at 6000…nor do I want another empty lot

has anyone ever had any experience on taking off the roof of an older home, repairing framing and putting down new osb and shingle/rubber

it is less expensive or even possible/worth doing?