Road Repair - potholes and New material

This has probably been covered many times, but I couldn’t find much under search. I have very old asphalt roads that need repair. Some areas are much worse than others. I have a pretty big fill-in of bringing in homes, so my thought is to fill the pots holes where I’m brining in homes, then redue after the homes are in. Questions 1. what material does best in filling in potholes? 2. New full asphalt is out of the question ( too expensive) what is the next best material to use? Tar and Chip? My park is in the north so I deal with frost and frozen grounds.

Fill the potholes with asphalt. If you plan on doing the work - spray the area with tack oil, fill with asphalt, and pack it with a plate packer.
Consider new roads though. You may be able to do an overlay now rather than an entire tear out and replace if you wait. Huge cost difference between the two. It may save you money to do it now. Plus new roads will have a huge positive effect on your community. Happier tenants, higher rents, raise the value of your property, and tax deduction.

I went through the same thought process in the past two years in my community. Old deteriorated pavement that required repair every year and gradually getting worse as time passed. Tar and chip in my area was not less expensive than repaving and was only a temporary solution. Full asphalt unmanageable due to cost.
I also had homes coming in and continued to patch temporarily as recommended in the previous post until move ins were completed and made the decision to remove/rebuild/repave. The cost for 600 feet was $45K . I will carry the debt for many years however it is a tax deduction and my tenants are paying for it entirely through higher rents. The sooner you bite the bullet and do the work the less it will cost.
It is simply a cost of doing business to maintain and improve the quality of your community.