Roaches - do they ever check out?

I was a little taken aback by reading more than one review about the park I am considering. The tenants were complaining about roaches and the owner had a history of not doing anything about them. I know that roaches can spread from house to house and I am concerned because the houses are pretty close together. Can anyone share their experiences or knowledge about dealing with this problem. I’m hoping it’s nothing more than just calling out the exterminator a few times.

Thank you!

I too am facing a similar issue. I have stated in the lease that pest control is tenants’ responsibility, but am wondering how other park owners deal with this, especially on park owned homes? Am concerned it could become a reputational/pr problem for the park with regards to attracting future tenants.

Do landlords typically provide park wide pest control?
How much are people typically paying for exterminators? How often?

Any insight would be appreciated.

I don’t own many mobile homes but ran across this in apartments on occasion. There seemed to be two types , the bigger ones ( fly in trees) and the little ones. It was hard to get rid of the little ones. When we had a connected building, all units would be exterminated at the same time.

Ultimately it came down to the people being cleanly, don’t leave food out, take out the trash, clean etc. I wouldn’t think it would be an issue with going from one home to the next with some amount of spacing but could be wrong. I never had to do exterior perimeter spraying but we try to stay out of the home business where possible.

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Until the tenant owns the home, we do monthly inspections, which includes looking for roaches (most tenants will report them if asked). We do a courtesy spray and then require them to sign up with a local pest control service or let us spray for $25/mo (breakeven cost more or less). We rotate chemicals and treatment and it is more effective. If the tenants are filthy/unclean, it’s impossible to get rid of them, and more often we get rid of the tenants one way or another. But we’ve had moderate success getting rid of them completely about 50% of the time, and controlling them the rest of the time.


I’m not one to normally post about a specific product, but after posting the note above and trying different things, I think we’ve found something that has so far proven effective: Raid Fumigator with Permethrin. Was told this was highly effective in killing and ridding the home of roaches and other bugs and it has clearly done that. Was also told this would keep the home clear for a full 6 months, and the jury is still out on that one. But so far, so good.