Right sized lots?

OK, new blood coming into the forum. I’m about to jump into the MHP biz so hopefully I’ll be one out of the 3 to make it as mentioned in a recent thread.

My question is about lot size. What’s a good lot size for today’s SW’s or DW’s? Most of the park pads I’ve been looking at are tiny but I’m not sure where tiny means out of luck for newer model SW’s.

The minimum size lot I like to see is 50X120. This size lot will handle singles and doubles in my park. Remember city and county planning departments ( code inforcement) can have different set back requirements

Thanks for the info R Ewens, I’m definitely looking into DW lot parks but there’s few and far between in the market I’m targeting (70-200 pads up to 2M).

Someone mentioned that today’s SW’s are 16x80 so If this is the case, factoring in the set backs, I can go with this number as a basis for parks that only have SW pads… Thanks again and any other insight is greatly appreciated. -james

They still make 14 X 80 singles

We developed 2 and a half acres which border on three paved streets. The property dimensions were such that the city approved ten pads. As it turned out, each pad measured 100 feet by 100 feet. Although we have only used doublewides so far, the lot size seems to be quite satisfactory. We only get complementary remarks about the lot sizes(and the homes)

Alexander Hanak

Thanks, you guys are awesome!