Responsibility of Re-Leveling Homes

Whose responsibility is it to re-level a tenant-owned home, the tenant or the owner?

We had a tenant recently approach requesting that we pay for this, but have never been put in this situation before. She was a carryover tenant from when we acquired the park (i.e. we were not responsible for installing the home), and our lease agreement does not have any language specifying that we are to assist in this situation (it only says we are responsible for providing and maintaining utility infrastructure).

Wondering if any other owners have ever encountered this situation before and how you’ve dealt with it. Thanks!

I have had many tenants relevel their homes but never had a owner of a home expect me to pay for it. It would be like me expecting a tenant to maintain their section of road. Remind them it is their home and their responsibility to maintain it to community standards as indicated in the park rules. Homes need to releveled periodically and it is the home owners responsibility.
This is just another example of the landlords first response to all tenant requests…NO.

I have been in the business for over 45 years and beyond the Federal Moss-Magnesson Act which gives a new homeowner a 1yr, 10 day warranty on the home by the home retailer (not the park owner unless they were also the retailer) the park owner is not responsible for epre-levels. I would point out if the park owner sees or is otherwise aware of any dangerous condition of the home, there may be an implied responsibility to inform the resident and even possibly deny them access for health and/or safety reasons.

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Greg / Edwards - thank you for these insights, they’re very helpful!