Resource information for Rental Assistance for Tenants due to Covid

I had my first tenant apply and be approved for rental assistance due to Covid. I’m supposed to receive payment in the next few days. The community I own is in North West Ohio. The website for tenants to apply is

Have any other community owners/managers had success (or no success) in getting payment via assistance programs?

I have had great luck with rental assistance programs. Two of my tenants have had the previous 9 months paid via our local assistance program. The money comes in lump sums every quarter so I don’t need to worry about them except 4 times a year.

They also have paid for new roofs, new stair sets, new skirting, new windows, etc on some of the older/dilapidated tenant owned homes.

That’s great. So your tenants are getting assistance for repairs/upgrades to their homes as well?

Oh yes they sure are. This one is hard to believe but Waldo Community Action Partners and Maine Housing teamed up and paid for one of my elderly tenants to get his 1960s trailer demolished and they bought him one of the new spec homes in my park. It was like a $60,000 transaction all in. And they wanted to do it again for someone outside my park but I didn’t have any more vacancies so I had to turn them down. It’s great working with them because your tenants get to stay in the park, their homes get upgraded to meet current standards, there’s no strings attached for you as the park owner.

Thanks! I going to look for a similar program in my state.